SEO techniques to improve your ecommerce sales

I want to show you which are the best SEO techniques that will safely improve the sales of your e-commerce or online store.

Keep in mind that it is becoming more and more difficult to position an online store on the Internet due to the competition from large sales platforms.

However, not everything is lost and there is an internet marketplace for all webmasters as long as you do things right in your online store.

Therefore, I recommend you to open your eyes and read the following post carefully because if you apply these simple tricks correctly, your e-commerce web positioning will improve substantially.

Guess the intention to search for sale

It is very important that you know the search intention of your personal buyer. I mean, you must know what your potential client is really looking for.

Informational keywords: Keywords that are intended to search for information on a specific topic.
Some keywords of this type could be: “Which is the best case for iPhone”, “Which is the best cologne this year”, etc.

For all this, your goal should be to know what your user is really looking for in order to find out what the sales opportunity of your e-commerce is.

Perhaps your user is looking for previous information before buying the product as it is very expensive. In this case, the best thing to do is to give your potential customer confidence and information and then sell your product to them.

You should keep in mind that, if your e-commerce sells high-cost products, the Customer Journey on your website should be total. In other words, he will first discover your product, then consider it and then decide.

However, if your product is cheap, the most normal thing is that the user will buy it directly from the product (directly go to the third step of the Customer Journey, decide). This will be the typical case of mobile phone housings.

Many online stores have a blog, but the vast majority don’t know how to use it.

In most cases, I know of, the owners of these online stores use the blog for a single business purpose and this is a mistake.

As you have seen above there are two types of keywords, informational and transactional. Well, if you want to do things right on your blog, you’d better follow these two premises.

For the online store, you will need to use transactional keywords.
For your e-commerce blog, you will need to use informational keywords.
This can be summed up by the fact that your online store will achieve sales through typical keywords such as “buy perfume X brand” while in the blog you will achieve sales through other informational keywords such as “The best perfumes of 2018”.

Are you getting the concept?

Therefore, the key that will make you get sales with your e-commerce blog will be to offer quality information to your potential customers related to the products you will sell in your e-commerce.

This way, you will have more chances for users to buy from you and not your competitor as you will have provided them with the information they need and will be just one click away from purchasing the product they need (as long as you offer them the product that will solve their problem/doubt in the same item).

Promote high margin products

This really is a productivity trick. One of the main mistakes of e-commerce starting on the internet is to attack at the SEO level all products without a clear strategy.

What do I mean, attacking everything?

To the fact that they do not tend to gradually position the products that leave them more margin (profit) to later attack other products with less margin.

Please note that most online shops comply with the 80/20 rule. This rule indicates that 80% of your turnover will come from 20% of the total of all the products you will sell in your online store.

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