How to plan your business trip effectively

When planning a business trip, we need to take several important factors into account. The key issue is time, but no less important is the comfort of the journey itself. Whether you’re traveling long and in a crowded cabin or compartment, or changing trains several times, you’ll needlessly lose strength and arrive tired, often sleepy.

Air transport or high-speed rail?

Choosing a mode of transport is one of the most important decisions when planning a business trip. It is best to choose the one that will transport your business passenger quickly and conveniently. The choice is often made by rail, especially if the journey is short and you have access to the Internet and power during the journey. However, already on a longer route, Gdańsk-Rzeszów, Szczecin-Kraków, the offer of airlines has an obvious advantage over the railways. The advantage of air transport is even greater when a business meeting is to be held abroad – even in a neighboring country such as Germany. While the train journey from Warsaw to Berlin will take 5:20 hours, the flight to Schoenefeld airport from Okecie will take only about 1:45 hours. And if your business destination is even further away, the flight is the only form of transport that will not be long and tedious.

Even in countries where rail has undergone far-reaching modernization, the train has become more of a competitor to bus services than to air services. Turkey, for example, has recently opened high-speed rail links between the cities of the western and central parts of the country, but this has not adversely affected the ever-increasing number of air passengers. The average passenger particularly appreciates the shortest possible time to reach his destination. Business passengers, in turn, count on the exclusivity and availability of the means of transport at any time, hence the growing number of private flights. The increasing number of passengers is also mobilizing competition in terms of prices and the range of services offered in this sector.

On board a cruising plane we do not guarantee freedom, free space or the possibility of trouble-free work and rest. The planes are equipped with onboard entertainment systems, but perhaps we can’t avoid flying with a loud talking group, snoring passengers in the armchair next door, or crying or amusing children just behind us. On board the rented plane we decide for ourselves in which company we travel, we can work without any disruptions in the maximum silenced cabin. Another advantage of a private plane is that you do not need to change flights.

Air travel without connecting flights

When planning a business trip, it is advisable to make an attempt to book a direct flight. Unfortunately, in the case of cruise lines, this is not always possible – the flight time may not be appropriate or it may not be from the nearest airport. There are also many cities with small airports which are not available for scheduled flights from Poland. Then we decide to travel with a transfer, i.e. with a change at another airport. The advantage of transfer flights is that they are often more economical than direct flights, which is why they are appreciated mainly by tourists, who have the opportunity to save on tickets and get to cities which are not served by direct flights from Poland. However, this is where the advantages of transfer travel come to an end. In most cases, these flights are long, tiring, require hours of waiting at the airport or, on the contrary, the connecting time is so short that it forces you to hurry.

An interesting experiment was carried out by AirTravelGenius. A business trip by a group of London financiers to Ljubljana in Slovenia and Nantes in France was examined. It turned out that, on business flights, they could fly to Slovenia in the morning and then, after a few hours, quickly go to France to return to London in the early afternoon. It would take them at least three days to cross the same route on cruise routes.

The plane will take off whenever you want.

A trip with a stopover is, above all, a tiresome one; choosing private airlines and chartering an aircraft from them is definitely a better choice. In this way, we plan a stress-free journey – even if you plan to make it at the last minute because 3 hours is enough for the airlines to prepare for such a journey. We are the ones who determine from which airport an airplane will take off and where it will land. We also choose the time of flight, which can be freely adjusted to the schedule of meetings. We will reach the place full of energy, rest and perfectly prepared for conversations.

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