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Content marketing: ensure the success of your HR blog with its editorial line

Several factors determine the success of an HR blog. If its visual identity has an immediate impact, its editorial content will federate an audience along its length and allow it to grow in power. So how do you define your editorial line, the real backbone of your HR marketing content to achieve your objectives? How to structure your content production by giving it a maximum chance to differentiate itself?

identify the relationship you want to create with your audience and position your HR marketing content

Whatever the strategy that led you to launch your HR blog, it establishes a relationship between your brand and an audience made up of regular or occasional recurring visitors.

First of all, it is a question of positioning your content marketing (or content marketing) in terms of objectives.

Do you wish:

  • That your brand is known and recognized by the players in your market? Your objective is to raise awareness of your brand.
  • Position yourself as a leading player in your field? The aim is therefore to optimize the image of your structure.
  • Improve the referencing and positioning of your content in search engine results? Your problem then concerns your digital visibility. (isn’t this a visibility objective, broader than improving search engine positioning?).

To create a relationship with your audience through your HR blog, you must identify it and seek to know its uses.

Imagine that you are a training organization and that you pursue a triple objective of notoriety, image and digital visibility. To reach them, you will target your audience: training managers and HR managers; you will secondarily reach employees who prescribe their training. In marketing language, it is about your peopleas.

You can then identify their uses in terms of information consumption: what are the themes they share? The types of content they like? The hours they are up? A detailed analysis of these parameters will facilitate the positioning of your editorial strategy. The master plan for your editorial line is becoming clearer.

record the editorial line in a dedicated charter to structure your marketing content

Producing relevant and unique content, guaranteeing its coherence, optimizing its impact: that’s what the editorial line is there for!

In concrete terms, you will:

determine the topics to be covered on your blog;
Example: our training organisation will explore pedagogical engineering (particularly in its innovation dimension), managerial issues with a view to the transferability of skills, etc.

propose a “rubricating” including various editorial formats;
These may include interviews, feature articles, best practices, testimonials, briefs, computer graphics. Each format serves one or more of the objectives assigned to your content marketing.

set a tone for your HR blog;
His tone and style will help give him an identity. Depending on the audience you are targeting, the tone may be expert, pedagogical, warm, punchy.

Then formalize these elements in a charter to avoid slipping over time or as stakeholders multiply. Your editorial line will be framed in this way.

This framing has two dimensions:

The graphic charter, which visually deploys your editorial line.
It is based on the choice of image formats (e.g. photos or illustration, or both), typography, the organization of text and image blocks, part of the identity of your HR blog.

The editorial charter, which transcribes the editorial line more precisely by insisting in particular on the SEO aspect.

The editorial charter sets out the key words identified as priorities (our training organisation’s blog will focus on various variants of the term “vocational training” associated with qualifiers) and secondary, relating to the topics covered.

It also outlines the hypertext link strategy that will allow your HR blog to position itself on search engines and your audience to expand.

It mainly establishes a composite portrait of each article format by indicating its approximate number of signs (template), the content of the chapĂ´ (the information to be given at the beginning of the text), the number of headings, etc.

Your editorial line must “tick” the following two criteria:

guarantee the authenticity of the positioning of your HR marketing content (its sincerity in relation to your brand platform);
guarantee the reliability and added value of the information and expertise developed on your HR blog.

Ensure regularity in your editorial production through a key tool and device

By regularly contributing to your blog, you ensure a better referencing and increase your audience’s loyalty.

The realization of an editorial planning is essential to guarantee the publication rate of your HR marketing content. In detail it allows:

to organize and anticipate your content production;
identify and share production monitoring elements (article format; thematic; resources to be mobilized / experts to be interviewed; production, delivery, validation, dissemination dates);
to note ideas to be used later (watch).
Different sharing modes can be used (Drive, Trello or Slack applications among others).

To optimize the coherence of your HR blog and promote its growth, another mechanism is essential: the editorial committee. It should include your editors (internal or external), project decision-makers and your brand’s talents – if some regularly share their expertise on the blog. This ensures that each actor is moving in the same direction.

During the editorial board meetings, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are presented. Each committee member is informed of the total volume of traffic generated by the blog, the acquisition channels that led users to your content, the articles that generated the most views, the sharing of social networks and comments.

A constructive dialogue, based on figures, can then be initiated on the themes or categories of articles to be prioritized, the identity of the experts to be interviewed and all the corrective actions to be carried out.

You will thus refine your content marketing strategy. In concrete terms, new article topics will be defined and integrated into the production planning. It is thanks to this global dynamic that the objectives of your HR blog will be achieved!

The editorial line of your blog is the strategic core of your HR marketing content. Share your content on social networks in parallel because the traffic of your blog will mainly come from it in the first place. Gradually, accumulating audience, your articles will gain positions on search engines and thus reach their targets thanks to previously identified keywords.

The core target of your blog will then arrive mainly via organic traffic[2] thanks to the natural referencing of your articles. Your HR blog will be launched!