Cleaning your dog’s ears – useful tips

Your dog’s ears are much more sensitive than those of humans, so you should take good care of them to make sure they are healthy. Cleaning your dog’s ears properly is key to preventing infection.

The power that ears of a dog have in comparison to human ears, is huge. Your dog’s ears are four to five times more sensitive to sound.

As with humans, dog ears become dirty over time. However, they are completely different in design from human ears, so here are a few tips to help you clean your dog’s ears.

Excellent hearing

Your dog’s ears receive sounds at frequencies that people can’t hear. In other words, dogs hear much more than humans hear. All thanks to the unique design of your ears.

The dog’s breed and the shape of his ears affect the way they are heard. What is affected by construction? First of all, the range of sounds you can hear. Cocker slept with his ears hanging does not hear like Husky, who has pointed and stiff ears.

In addition, the position of the ears plays an important role in the possible health problems your dog may have. Returning to previous examples, spaniel cockers tend to be deaf in old age, while Husky may not show significant hearing variation over the years.

All breeds of dog have something in common: their ears should be cleaned from time to time to keep them healthy. For many new owners, cleaning their ears is easy to forget. That is why we want to remind you and show you how to do it.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is easy. Usually, a hydrogen peroxide, a few swabs, and a cloth will suffice. It will be easier if your dog is already trained, then he won’t fight you and will make the treatment difficult.

First of all, check the outside of the animal’s ear; if it contains residues of wax, dirt or anything else, remove them as soon as possible. If it turns out that these are some kind of parasites, go to the vet to implement the best treatment.

Then check the condition of the inner part of your ear. This part should be slightly pink to indicate that your ear is healthy. Clean the area very carefully and gently with a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide or a saline solution for pets.

Slowly remove anything that should not be there, taking care not to fall deeper into your dog’s ear. Try not to hold the swab with leaking liquid in your ear, as this can be painful.

After cleaning, wipe off any excess moisture with a piece of cotton or gauze. Repeat the same process with the other ear. Then give your dog a reward for good behavior.

What happens if your ears are not cleaned regularly?

Your dog’s ears, like those of humans, are secreted by a natural substance that helps prevent diseases. The problem is that this substance usually blocks the inner ear canal and makes it difficult to hear.

If your ear is sick, your dog may experience severe pain caused by infection or inflammation. It is also important to prevent the ears from drying out and irritating.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is something he’s used to when he’s a puppy. Remember that your dog’s physical health isn’t just about shiny hair; every part of his body should be neat and healthy.

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